Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hatchet Man At PJ Media

Re: PJ Media has taken a novel approach to doing business.  Tells all its best customers that what they have to say carries no weight with, has no value whatsoever to, them.

"Send ideas, comments, suggestions, links or tips to"

To whom is endangering PJMedia.

We Are Fighting Elitism -- and then you take a cavalier attitude towards comments.
All comments of the past are now down the memory hole. You must be proud!

Gee, and we thought you were different. Silly we.

Buh bye.

Some of Wretchard's best work was in the comments to his own Belmont Club posts. Unless those comments are recovered, I cannot imagine how this can end well for PJ Media. Maybe that's the point. Hatchet men are usually employed to rid a company of dead wood, not to eliminate the company itself.


  1. Well, you might like
    I can't understand why they would do this.
    but it appears that other PJMedia venues still have comments.

    1. I think you're correct that I'd like, but there is no - between neo and neocon.

      Why will George Soros expend great sums of money only to destroy what he buys? Have you forgotten that the Left's Utopia is not Paradise? So it has to be run by practical jokers and misanthropes. There are people who will destroy what others enjoy because they can. See the dogs in the manger parable.


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