Friday, March 08, 2013

Diagnosis By a Quack

Seeing as how he feels he can be unrestrained, and has broken his collegial phoniness airs of the US Senate, I declare John Quackain a quack rather than some more accurate designation reserved for a later date. As Guy S had reevaluated the partisans he previously so designated, SKUNC appears to be a far too understated label.

From the top of Drudge this morning.


  1. "He said he respected McCain’s service and record, but that that experience didn’t mean his colleague was always right"

    1. I am certain both generals Washington and Grant said much the same thing about Benedict Arnold and Robert E Lee, respectively. Their buts proves there is a limit to what deviations are acceptable.

      In Mr. McCain's instance, I expect a poll would reveal he's used up his allowance and that he past the point of no return a very long time ago.

  2. Let's remember. The McCain candidacy gave us Obama.


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