Tuesday, February 05, 2013

More TEA Party Betrayal

Today's episode is headlined at Breitbart.
Surrender: Ohio Gov. Kasich Spurns Tea Party, Backs Obamacare Medicaid Expansion; Left Celebrates . 

John Kasich. Once a creature of DC (which also stands for death cult, but who notices?), always a creature of DC. Probably because the ones that remain still have handles on you.

The former Congressman and former Fox commentator and current governor could not help himself. It’s in his nature to betray those who believed him.

I took the opportunity to introduce some readers at Breitbart.com to the SKUNC acronym. One of the Lefty trolls there (and it could be a sock-troll since "Gary" seems to be a regular pest) somehow "corrected" me by misreading my definition and redoubling what I said. So natch I played it straight with my response.

Sequence begins.

  • thunder2984
 When push comes to shove, 90% of "Republicans" are RINOs.

  • Pascal
RINO is too good a term. Since they all think of themselves as Platonic elitist republicans, they laugh at the term.

They won't laugh at being called traitors, but that may need to be proven.

Until that time, SKUNC fits.

Statists Knowingly Undermining National Charters fits all those in the formerly Western culture countries who are elected allegedly to represent (allegedly) those who voted for them.

To spell out the globalist connection more clearly, SKUNC can also be thought to mean Scoundrels Kneeling to United Nations Control.

RINO is simply too easy on them. These stinkers have earned the label SKUNC.
Okay SKUNC, but wouldn't Statists prefer as opposed to try to undermine National Charters. I'm confused.

And there is precisely NO United Nations Control going on to be a feared of. That is just propaganda you have chosen not to see through.

  • Pascal
 Gary, the Statist forces in the United States have been doing everything they can to hollow out the constitution which is written to limit their power in very many ways. Hence, those who want power need to undermine and ultimately cancel out the importance of the national charter of the USA.

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  1. Kasich was a real success in Groucho Marx's terms ... he faked sincerity very well.


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