Saturday, December 15, 2012

Govt Body Counts >> Lone Gunmen

As the Agency of Lies and Statist politicians continue their onslaught on the individual's right to protect himself, never forget the title of this post and the facts which make it true. For those who do not know mathematical notation, the title to this post says

Government Body Counts are Much Greater Than That of Lone Gunmen

Mr.  President, Mr. Mayor, why do you want to leave me defenseless? Given the history of police states (where only police were permitted arms) in the last 100 years, why should I trust you when you and your ilk
  1. go out of your way to protect those who have murdered before.
  2. let mentally unstable people run loose on the street.
  3. are more concerned about hurting peoples feelings than seeing they are well informed.
 I am sick and tired of those who hate America and Americans doing everything they can to enslave us and, to ensure that the enslavement goes along smoothly, want us ruled where only the police are armed.

May God have mercy on your scheming souls.


  1. Adding your site to my very long list (must do some deleting - HUH!)--not sure why I did not do it before--love your takes --

    1. Welcome C-CS. I'm glad you like them because I often don't like my takes. I just feel compelled to tell what I see, analyze and conclude and then await having to suffer the consequences one way or the other. I've been invited to attend the Hancock Park Patriots tomorrow night, but have not yet considered going because of WHO it was that brought them to my attention.


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