Monday, December 10, 2012

Despicable Union-Govt Alliance

Three stories near the top of Drudge demonstrate this today. What makes the situation I highlight despicable are all the claims of protecting freedoms in the first amendment.

Right to work laws are designed to prevent unions from creating monopolies on who gets to work and where. Otherwise we will find ourselves back to the tyranny of guild-style work arrangements.

The first story is:
Federal judge finds NC 'Choose Life' plates unconstitutional...

and the second and third stories are a pair about the Michigan right to work law. 

 Obama backs big labor bosses...

  Michigan schools close so teachers can protest right to work law...

Story one tells us that a Federal Judge has ruled for the ACLU against North Carolina. He agreed with what I imagine was the ACLU's phrase "view-point discrimination." He found this violated the 1st Amendment.

Story 2 is what we've come to expect from Bummer who will back any communistic POSs who helped him get elected.

But it is story 3 that is the real outrage in light of story 1. Tax payers and school kids get screwed so that the Teachers union can get free mobs to threaten the state legislature -- paid at tax payer expense. (And God help any teacher who does not participate -- kinda like card check if you know what I mean. Screw freedom of association.)

Where's the "view-point discrimination" ruling there? There will not be one. Because the school board is part of the problem too. They have to play along with the teacher's union because it's their money and goons who helped get the school-boards elected. Screw fair treatment of both sides of the equation when the govt only wants one side to prevail.

You, the individual, are screwed when you don't rally with others like you to discuss such outrages openly. Yes the union goons will turn out and threaten your side. But you can be ready when you need to be. And do not expect any form of media -- The Agency of Lies -- to be on your side.

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