Friday, December 14, 2012

Dominion Bank Layabout Gloats at American Debt

The following"anonymous" comment to old post, The Genius of Blaise Pascal, came in 2 days ago.:

December 12, 2012 10:59 AM
Still enjoying the fruits of guns and drugs and AMERICA TOP SECRET Kultur? The Chinese and Muslims will eat away at your power. Like the Ottomans, you will sink into the mire.

Well the troll who left this thinks he's anonymous. Except for the fact that he left his tracks: 
from Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
at an ISP belonging to Toronto Dominion Bank

For forensic purposes, here is the a copy of what Stat Counter is showing for his visit to leave the above comment.
Click to see full size
 As you can see, since then he has posted 3 more smarmy comments from the same location.

It must be nice for "Anonymous" to be paid by a respected Toronto bank to send out malicious comments to various blogs. 

What the public needs to know is: 
  1. Why does the head of Dominion Bank approve of this work?  And considering the comment  carries in it a note of gloating...
  2. Just how much interest does Dominion Bank MAKE from arranging the debt now carried by China and Saudi Arabia? 


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