Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fools Think Their Vote Is Worthless

As an aside to my post earlier today, only fools could think their vote is worthless. There are city councils in many liberal cities that are pulling one form or another of that stunt I highlighted in the earlier post.

Look: They wouldn't be doing this if they honestly thought they had any chance to win enough votes from legitimate voters. Since legitimacy is harder to find in big city halls than a virgin in a brothel, they naturally fear it; it's a primal fear of the unknown.

If you read the rest of that story about Cleveland, it was a councilwoman by the same name who was at the crux of converting the billboard message from a warning to potential felons into one that encourages voter frauds.

My dear readers. Find a nice way to wake-up your "it doesn't matter" acquaintance how this proves that his anti-city hall sentiments really do matter. If nothing else his extra vote drives them to cheat harder so that they increase their risk of detection and imprisonment.

I recommend trying something a little nicer than Pay attention moron. But make sure you hit him with some 2x4 first just so you are sure you got his attention.


  1. I hit 'em with the 2x4 and they just stare at me.
    It's so frustrating.
    On FB I declared that I would not post any more political stuff if all my friends promised to not vote for Obama.
    Two takers. I have more "friends" than that.

    1. See -- you got their attention. You just lacked a follow-up. What I find frustrating is their short attention span. Gotta be ready to answer the stare; think of it as instant CPR for this blessed republic.

  2. Someone from Buffalo attempted several times to leave a comment around 6:30 PM. I hope the blogger comment mechanism hasn't gone haywire again.


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