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A Win: Taking On Ace for His Pushing RINOs

I depart from my current larger campaign to make an important point.

[Late note in case anyone gets the wrong impression from the blogpost title: I am still voting against Obama. Romney in office may still buy the republic some time. Whether or not Americans get wise enough and in numbers large enough to use the time effectively is still in doubt.]

You all know I have a problem with larger institutions. Primarily because, for celebrities or for littler people working at the institutions, making a living, sometimes a very good one, gets in the way of actually defending our constitution.

So when Dextrosphere talkers or larger blogs, who have a reputation for being conservative, display questionable behavior by aiding and abetting the "progressive" side (the conservative-hater side) of the GOP, it rests with us who have less of a following and not so much at stake to hold them to account.

At Ace of Spades today, Ace published Pat Caddell: NYT Engaging In Near-Complete Suppression of Libya Story To Shill For Loser President.

It was actually pretty good; it even demonstrates how Caddell is still a Democrat in that he held Republicans and independents responsible for the excesses of the Obama administration for not fighting hard enough. Like the Democrats are at our mercy. I can almost see Caddell's point. I do complain about SKUNCs regularly. But isn't there really a whole lot of fault to pass around? This may also be suggested by how much insanity it has taken, or at least blind eyes had to be given, for Social Security and other programs to have become ticking time-bombs.


  • Ace exposed himself within the main piece as playing along with RINO soft-peddling of Leftist assaults on our nation by saying the NY Times only began its slide 15 years ago. That's the kind of revisionism a conservative comes to expect from "Progressive" Republicans.
  • Ace also admitted to not being frank with his readers four years ago. He says that we on the Right would understand because he was deploying his "game face." How about his game face during primary season -- how could it best be described?
I will demonstrate after the break how in a short paragraph I jibed at Ace for both exposures. And got called names from the start as if I were a conservative at a Leftist blog. I did not rise to the bait but instead demonstrated how small was Ace to be hiding behind sycophants and/or sock puppets. At least Ace didn't ban me; I'll give him that.

And then I even got some praise for the definition of the acronym SKUNC. Thank you again Guy S!

In the quotes below "they" is Ace referring to the NY Times.

"They've already been coasting on past glory for about 10-15 years."
"... they're simply no longer what they once were."

["Partisans do not get punished for their partisanship by their partisan audience. As I've noted before, I spun McCain's chances of winning in 2008. I knew (or pretty much completely knew) he had no realistic chance, but I spun it that it was a close race.

Did any readers get mad at me for this? No, of course not. If I'm going to be wrong, be wrong in our team's favor. Everyone understands this. Everyone understands the concept of Game Faces.

Including the advocacy rag the New York Times." -- Ace in the original piece]

Ace, I'm afraid you're straining to be credible yourself here. It was not the 1990s, but the 1930s when the Times' Walter Duranty peddled the Potemkin Village for Joe Stalin. Yes, they weren't entirely obvious then as now, but there were people who screamed loudly about it then, and people like you turned on them. Your type charged them with the equivalent of wearing Tin-foil hats.
If you had an ounce of integrity you would face up to where you still did this sort of thing during the Republican primary season. Your game face is for RINOs. [e.g., as Arlen Specter would employ against Pat Toomey but never against Ted Kennedy et al.]

Posted by: Pascal at October 15, 2012 06:24 PM (dPl0R)
The very first comment quickly came from the anonymous "pep"
133 If you had an ounce of integrity you would face up to where you still
did this sort of thing during the Republican primary season. Your game
face is for RINOs.

Idiot or troll? You decide.
Posted by: pep at October 15, 2012 06:26 PM (6TB1Z) 

Then me:
196 133. Pep: the sock that Ace lets speak for him. This is Ace's site and he has a right not to defend himself openly.
Posted by: Pascal at October 15, 2012 06:43 PM (dPl0R) 

Then  against me from another:
198 196

How long have you been retarded?
Posted by: Mirror-Universe Mitt Romney at October 15, 2012 06:44 PM (QEfsO) 

Then me: 

214 198: you respond like a Leftist. Name calling and no discussion of the point.
Posted by: Pascal at October 15, 2012 06:47 PM (dPl0R) 
Then a simultaneous half-admission and back-handed compliment to me -- from Mirror-Universe again
217 214

There was no name calling.

I didn't call you a retard, after all.

Also, please stop ruining semi-decent ideas (e.g. Leftists engage in name calling) by sticking them in your mouth.

P.S. RINO is a name you called someone. [My antagonist didn't notice that I didn't call ACE a RINO, but I let that slide in my next response -- Pascal]

Then me explaining how RINO was descriptive, but falls short in my book since SKUNC is needed.
227 Actually RINO is a descriptive acronym for Republican In Name Only. And it usually is used for Republicans who are Progressive or work for Statist aims. I replaced it with SKUNC a couple of years ago -- Statists Knowingly Undermining National Charters. The pro-UN type.
Posted by: Pascal at October 15, 2012 06:55 PM (dPl0R)

Then a new commenter sees how good SKUNC really is.

229 227 SKUNC ....Statists Knowingly Undermining National Charters

Lindsey Graham and John McCain leading their org.
Posted by: Dept. of Accuracy Dept. at October 15, 2012 06:58 PM (BAnPT)

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