Saturday, October 27, 2012

More Breitbarting Please

I imagine many of us who miss Andrew Breitbart would really wish that initiated more projects such as its founder was known to get into. No, not find someone on staff who is as ballsy as was Andrew. Probably impossible even to hire someone who is both as bold and as intellectually honest and consistent all perhaps only exceeded by his courage.

No, what I'm thinking is along the lines of what I did with that billboard in Cleveland in which the billboard company, Clear Channel, caved to the demands of the radicals who apparently don't want voter fraud suppressed. What Clear Channel did in the end was worse than caving actually. They put up 15 new billboards that read "Voting Is a Right, Not a Crime."

As it turned out, after I posted here what I thought should have been Clear Channel's response to the city council, I went back to the post and added my comment along with a link and a thumbnail jpeg of my altered billboard. It is now the 88th of 88 comments, the last one. It still got 6 likes It's slowly grown over the 3 days since I posted it.
Thinking about how Breitbart might have reacted to the suspect motives of the Cleveland city council and (take your pick) the fear or complicity of Clear Channel, he might have come up with this billboard to show how Clear Channel should have responded to the political pressure.
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If hope you like what I did too. But more importantly: if you wish the folks at to present more editorial comments like the one I gave them, then please go to the comment and click on "Like." Then hopefully the current editors will get the idea that they ought to do more of that sort of thing. You could even add a comment that says so explicitly. To find my comment, simply go here and then at the top right of the comments click on "sort by newest first" so that mine is at the top. Then click on "like."

Thank you.

I'm pretty confident that putting up a real "in your face" billboard such as I suggested is what Breitbart would do. He relished that sort of thing.  Doing virtual stuff on the web site that bears his name seems like fitting homage to its founder.


  1. Liked (10).

    There's a billboard in my neighborhood which reads: "The Navy Seals took care of one threat to America: the American voter must take care of the other."

    It's been up there for a while now. I like it.

    1. Love such billboards. And thanks for the like Lacey. Just need 19 more to become the most popular of the main comments on this thread. The editors may notice,

  2. Thank you Dan. The source thread is getting long in the tooth, but the editors at Breitbart may still notice. It is too bad I didn't think to post as I did there until so late. It was 2-3 days after the first post.


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