Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who Notes the Dictatorial Whim?

This story struck me as an excellent instance where the USA is no longer "government of, by and for the people," but rather government purchased by influence peddlers and accomplished through dictatorial fiat.

Comprehend the opening lines of the story. "As the federal government launches a new program that will allow many young undocumented immigrants to stay temporarily in the U.S."

As anyone knows who follows the news of Congress, the bill that was to initiate such a program was killed in Congress. It was voted down by members from both parties. Not that that means anything to reporters nationwide.

In this instance the reporter, Daniel Gonzalez, of The Arizona Republic, so blithely refers to this unilateral decision by Obama as a Federal program. It can hardly be really federal in that a very large number of states that make the USA a federation are against it, and their elected representatives from those states voted against it.

I know there are a lot of people who feel badly at the situation these young people find themselves in. But this action is in no way a federal program under laws duly past at the Federal level. It is a purely cynical political ploy by a man who does not call himself a despot, and is thin-skinned about being compared to tyrants past and present, but whose actions are self-defining as tyranny.

Who else will call him on it? How many non-cowards are left in the country?


  1. A comment I heard from an Hispanic neighbor. "This is absolutely the most sadistic thing this man has done. What happens to those kids after 2 years? He does not give a rats ass. Kids who sign up for this will have placed a target on their backs."

  2. Do you know if that Hispanic neighbor is a citizen? If so, that person knows nothing about the American Republic and needs a good lesson in how nations must uphold their constitutions if they are to preserve their identity as a nation.

    1. Let's win one battle at a time. It is a very good sign that Hispanics recognize that Bummer really is not their friend.

      And as far as not understanding the threats to this republic goes: There are so many Gringos who have willingly put on blinders when I introduce any of the very large numbers of lies and ploys of this demagogue that I'm not going to insult any potential new ally no matter his origins.

      My patience is reinforced by knowing that the media wants me depressed and frustrated so that I become incautious and create more divisions and not less. Maybe I'm a fool to believe our enemies are smart enough to have planned this out (no, not the lame-brained newsreaders, but the corps that pay them), but I instinctively know that telling a potential ally that he knows nothing is not a good way to build bridges and awaken an indoctrinated mind.

      Be patient. It took the Progs more than a century to gain control through subterfuge. It should take us much less time to right the record when we have what really works on our side.


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