Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Most Dreadful Phrases

1. "There are too many people in the world."  
Good luck being on that panel that decides who has to go. And after that, how long will you be permitted to stay empaneled?

2. "I thought you were smart."  
Wise people learn from the mistakes of others. Smart people learn from their own mistakes if they survive them.

Agreeing with thoughts that encourage abandonment of traditional morality has led to and will continue to lead to unspeakable but still predictable consequences.

Appeals to vanity are frequently the last resort of scoundrels seeking to override wisdom gained at a price long forgotten.



  1. I remember bumper stickers from the early 70s that said, "Abortion. Euthanasia. Who next? You!"

    1. Sad to say that the self-interest approach has proven itself insufficient to persuade so many of our contemporaries against swallowing the new "moral" code. It was bad enough in even back in the early 70s. It's worse now.

      How did this happen?

      Is it enough of explanation to say the following? By eliminating the concept of God from all policy discussions, the fundamental precept that human life is holy is also eliminated.

      Those who have no desire to consider the ramifications of radically changed policy fundamentals will never heed warnings of the repercussions of those changes. Thus the notion that self-preservation has any connection with such dreadful phrases is unbelievable to them.

      What can be done that may turn this around again?

    2. "What can be done that may turn this around again?"
      A stubborn insistence on the principles you espouse.
      Our rights come from God. Not man.
      Man was created in His image.
      Murder is a form of deicide.

    3. Indeed. Hatred of God and hatred of humanity are firmly intertwined.


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