Monday, August 13, 2012

Reactionaries On the Left

Reactionary was the epithet invented by the early "Progressives" and their avante garde (trouble-makers) to label members of the "staid" (actually a progressively improving) social order. It was inevitable that once the Progs incrementally begged, cajoled, threatened and rioted their way to get society to accept one radical change after another, and were running things, then they too would become reactionaries towards all the larger number of people who detest this pile of stink they made of what was once glorious about Western civ.

As I have noted before, wherever someone wants to reform the mess that is the socialized government programs, the partisans of the Left scream bloody murder that there's nothing wrong with the way things are. They say this, many would imagine, because they can't admit their schemes are failed, and it would cost the bureaucrats their jobs.

The latest line from the Left (Obama spokes-mouth Robert Gibbs) that demonstrates that they are indeed reactionaries is this one:
"The Ryan-Wyden Plan ends Medicare as we know it." 
This after Obama stole over $700 billion to pay to set up Obamacare (a huge sum, yet not a nickel has gone to pay for any healthcare for anyone, let alone the seniors who have paid into Medicare with every right to gripe that the money has been misspent by Obama). Such a cruel joke on seniors and their loved ones, yet it's Obama's minions who are screaming as if they are not the ones who gored the ox. Once again the radical Left policies are setting up to kill people just like Stalin and Mao did. But don't expect the Bumney campaign to say this. They are afraid of being called extremist by the MSM. Just so long as you know.


  1. I see Paul Ryan had some 'reactionaries' try to disrupt his speech yesterday while out on the hustings.

    For those who heckle and jeer the speaker of truth at these rallies I prefer to term them as 'paid performers' who in all probability would not have the effrontary to carry on the way they do publicly unless paid good money to do so.

    1. Yes sir, on both counts. Here is the video of an angry Obama telling supporters to get in the faces of those who do not support him. Getting in someone's face is a provocation to violence, and the Bummer knows that full well. There's no question that he's okay with violence visited on his opponents, but a Romney type will never speak that truth, so it remains for the rest of us to say it while we still may.


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