Saturday, May 29, 2010

Middle Class General Strike

I'd really like to know: what is forestalling such a series of actions?
The competent in our society have the means to force the incompetent to cry "uncle." But do we have the nerve?

Is it simply a lack of leadership? What is preventing that? Same thing?


A funny thing happened while I've been awaiting an answer from the working world. I discovered that on Thursday, Mark Steyn published a screed that pretty much touched upon the reason that prompted my interrogatory to you.

We’re too broke to be this stupid

Mr Steyn Concluded:
Across the developed world, a beleaguered middle class is beginning to understand that it’s no longer that rich. At some point, it will look at the sheer waste of government spending, the other shoe will drop, and it will decide that it no longer wishes to be that stupid.


  1. I don't think it's that easy to get individualists to come together in a way that's activist, much less come together on the details.

    It really is a "hang together or hang separately" sort of proposal and the Right has a visceral aversion to all things Union. Tough to do unless it wells up from the ground and ignites of its own volatile energy.

  2. Hi Joan. Thanks for answering. I've written around the web something like you just said, and so I'm not disagreeing. I'm just lamenting our paradoxical fix.

    I may summarize what I've been thinking here tomorrow (I almost did it today at Og's)

    Your comment came in while I was fixing the formatting on my update. Was any of it there when you began replying?

    Do you think Steyn has pinpointed where in the ground it will well up from?

  3. No, I had not read Steyn's comments, but I doubt that it's that hard for like minds to discern where the wind is blowing from, just where it is headed.

    I'm still undecided as to whether or not it will actually materialize as a General Strike. There is talk of the "personal secession" which I find to be the likeliest point of interest.


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