Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day: Especially Important Today

This is my response to Richard Fernandez' excellent Memory and Survival.
[Note: the red text is to remind PF that he should endeavor to explore a subject further]

Wretchard, the Judeo-Christian moral ethic carried this along generation to generation. The “Progressives,” have long worked to eradicate its continuance a various ways.

Interestingly the success of the IPD [iterated prisoners dilemma] is contingent on the existence of memory, which in the human context is an awareness of history. History allows members of a society to understand their individual existence and well-being is somehow inseparable from that of the group.
How do I know my assertion is true?

There is our experience as we lived it. We have witnessed the lengths the “Progressives” have gone to to allow any small grievance be amplified by court order to suppress the continued mention of anything related to God and the institutions that were formed in His name. That concept of the Creator, even flying in the face of horrid misapplications, has influenced many a man to comprehend the natural law of the universe with an eye towards justice — not simply personal advantage.

And there is the evidence provided us by C.S. Lewis in 1943. He saw what the “Progressives” were up to and forewarned where they were taking us. I summarize “Men Without Chests”
The teachers who were to teach the postwar generation had been indoctrinated in Utopian prewar beliefs. (As the Left escaped all blame for its contributions for WW II, it easily came to dominate the academy, passing off the blame to “old” thought (a pre-WW I notion), we can see why they gained domination. And it continues still despite the Left’s hubris and repeated failures.)

The lesson was: Eschew all that has gone before. See the world with fresh eyes. Don’t be tied in any way to the nastiness of the past.

Lewis summed up where that was bound to lead. When “We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.” When we fail to build the heart that cares for the future — to inoculate people with our societal antibodies, the ones we gained from the painful lessons that have arisen out of human excess — and then expect of them only virtue and enterprise, it’s on a par with “castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”
And we living in the postmodern world are its product, although the Left and its propaganda arms constantly denies there is anything wrong with the product — except for those [insert ad hominem here] who disagree with it.

And that suits those who hunger for power over us. They aim to be the supermen who remain — after what we might recognize as men have been abolished.

An essential reason to think back of our heroes on Memorial Day — in contradistinction to Obama dissing it — is to think of why they gave up their futures for ours.

In that thought nurtures the seed to carry on the Golden Rule. “Do unto to others what thou would have done unto thee” is anathema to those who wish to rule all the world. “Hah, what can you puny people do to me, the Great One? Morals are for lesser men.”

Those better “puny” men that we honor today wound up to beating back the nasty things that men can do as they claim to pursue, both then and today, their vision of Utopia for all.

The Left continues to try to impress the gullible that man is perfectible, and is thus naturally good. It’s a nice wish, but it is a lie. The Left in the service of Statism needs us to forget, forget. FORGET!

Mankind must from time to time arise to beat back tyranny, sometimes against great odds, and these heroes showed us how it can be done.
So we do not forget. Yes, it is in their honor and it is for their sacrifices. It is our duty.

It imbues in us an understanding that, in Wretchard's words, our “individual existence and well-being is somehow inseparable from that of the group.” [emphasis added]

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