Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Permitting Leaders to Be Shameless Dumps the Shame Onto Us

Regular readers know I have charted the ever increasing boldness of they who aim to rule us. My most recent additions to that chart may be found at Progress-of.

My point of the charting was to highlight how fast the "Progressives" have moved since they decided they would no longer feel shame for seeking the power they've always lusted after. It is now our shame -- to our heritage and to our posterity -- that we let them advance so far.

The Left's hatred for America has never found resonance in anyone in so high an office as now. Its icon, President Obama, keeps finding new ways to demonstrate his disregard for our country's constitution and its moral foundations, and now, with his shunning his head of state honors on Memorial Day, for our nation's fallen heroes.

Michael Savage yesterday, after expressing his dislike for Obama's shunning of Arlington, summed up a number of the screened calls with the question that prompted the following rant. (This is was transcribed from The Savage Nation podcast archive:)

Caller's question: "Why is Obama Doing this?"

Am I making too much of this?

Okay, let's start again.
I'm an alarmist. I'm just a right wing alarmist.

We should be haaaappy that Obama's not going to the Arlington National Cemetery.
We should be happy that he's not going to the breakfast for the Goldstar Families who've lost loved ones in a military conflict.
We should be glad that he's not a militarist.
We should all be happy that he's downplaying the military.
Because we don't really need a military.

What we need are... well, not the military exactly. We certainly don't need guns.
We need something along the lines of, ummm, men who march with wooden guns. And sort of wooden tanks.
And the ships are being used properly: I'm glad that they're not firing a shot.
It's very good that we haven't fired one shot at Iran or at North Korea.

It's better that they are used basically as social service agencies with propellers.
It's good to take children from the inner cities and give them a uniform and shoes and let them become pregnant on the ship.
Because that's what the feminists want. That's what they expect out of the military.
The military is not meant for defending America. The military is meant to get the children off the streets so they can just have sex on the ships, get pregnant, and then raise a child on the taxpayers' dime.

You don't want to know any of that because no one tells you that.

It's the best kept secret in the U.S. Navy.

It's why not a shot is fired anymore.
It's why we have to call in the Spanish or the Portuguese navy to take on the pirates because our navy has become useless.
Worth nothing.

I have no idea why we have ships. They do nothing.
I don't know how a commander on a ship can take this anymore. I guess they know that if they won't do what they're told they get fired.
I know that if any of them spoke out they'd be fired by Mullin, the usher in chief there. Admiral Mullin, the usher from Hollywood.
Look -- ughhhhh -- what can I tellya? Something's wrong with this picture. Why is Obama doing it? I have no idea -- it's a disaster [pause] for the Democrat Party." 1:03:40
 As for me, I feel what Obama is doing, so I know.

What is Obama doing Doc Savage? 
Obama is rubbing our noses in our shame.  The sooner we get used to it, the better.

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever. -- George Orwell, 1984

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