Saturday, July 21, 2007

Our Reform Dilemma

This Democratic Congress is the realization of the threat by the RINOs (combined with one other thing): "you better vote for the GOP run by us or we are going to give you them! Har, har, har!"

You know what that one other thing is? The majority of conservatives are not ready to put in the time to seize control of the GOP from those who accept -- however reluctantly -- the status quo.

And I'm as guilty as the rest of you. I am wishing for a leader so I can stop feeling guilty for not trying hard enough. (In Los Angeles, I've tried and failed: a story for another time). I can't say I haven't the faintest idea how to be a leader myself. However, in politics, I only know what has happened to so many who've expended their own efforts only to be attacked or whittled down by the system.

One thing is clear. Those currently in power do not trust anyone who does not seem to have well-known failings. They want a handle already in place so they don't need to invent one.

Before the next leader appears on the scene, remember how much managers hate leaders until they need one.

(This commentary was inspired while I was commenting on Elasticity of Mind's posted graph showing, among other things, the Dem Congress's approval rating at 14%.)


  1. Everyone wants a hero. Trouble is, heroism is different for different people. And about that hamartia- yeah, you're probably right.

  2. As far as the GOP falling into mediocrity as of late; no, it doesn't have anything with them getting fat and happy after winning and keeping Congress for over a decade. It has to do with not having a valid, worthy opponent to compete against. Analogy: US cars were built like trash until Japanese imports forced them to likewise improve their cars' quality and durability, to where you now have 100,000 mile American cars, when you'd be glad to get 30,000 miles out of one in 1975.

    The Democrats went downhill after Watergate when the GOP was wondering about surviving, and the Dems couldn't lose a race. The Dems imploded not from 30 years of governing, it was from having no opponent after 1974 (what else explains Jimmy Carter?), until Reagan revived the GOP.

    The GOP can be what it is today because they're the lesser of two evils, not the better of two valid choices. As long as the Dems stink, they can afford to stink just one iota less.


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