Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Secret of Utopias

Practical jokers find delight in the confusion, discomfort, and predicaments they can inflict on their targets.

Misanthropes -- haters of humanity -- are easily enraged when humans find happiness in their "miserable" lives.

Utopia is commonly understood to be a perfect place where nothing bad happens. Those who are selling their vision of the perfect the world are oft described as Utopians.

What provision do Utopians make for practical jokers and misanthropes?
What? Do you really expect them to reveal to you ahead of time that it is they who plan to run things?

Practical jokers are the salesmen, misanthropes run the camps.


  1. I've never been able to get anyone to tell me what Utopia means. My utopian ideal is clearly hell on earth to others.

  2. From Wiki: Utopia (from Greek: οὐ no, and τόπος, place, i.e. "no place" or "place that does not exist")

    Do you think I should have included that in the text? I don't.

    Recall that in The Book, Paradise was not enough.

    Those who would eagerly buy the sales pitch that paradise reclaimed awaits those who elect so-and-so are simply refusing to accept the lessons of even recent history and, of course, the physics of the natural world.

    But this is too much information. My post just about says it all.

    Someone whose opinion I value once said to keep my messages simple and then let my readers fill in any blanks for themselves.

  3. You're correct, of course, I was just saying. Filling in a blank, so to speak.

  4. Indeed.

    You raised a question whose essential contribution resides in that it is one that occurs to so few to ask.

    Most people simply presume it means happy place as its marketers intend.

    The surprise revealed by the answer to that question also sustains my low opinion of Utopians.

    In other words: Good Job!

    (The details in this comment section would ruin the punchline of the post were it part of the post).

  5. "Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something." -- The Princess Bride


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