Friday, July 27, 2007

Those Who Are Beyond Embarrassment

With Roasted Chickens Roosting, Wretchard calls our attention to the continuing self-serving trail of destructiveness that Ward Churchill wallows in. Be careful not to misread the last word in that title as roasting. For it is one thing for us to see dead people who don't know they're dead, and entirely another to continue to let their specter ruin us.

For you see, this is one heluva "cooked goose." A dead chicken come home not just to roost but to tear up the place as poltergeists are said to do to the domains from which they were unwillingly snatched.

Not satisfied with contributing to the intellectual bankruptcy of an academy, Churchill and his fellow travelers will now attempt to fiscally bankrupt it too.

I somehow doubt it will come to that though. Nihilists, having long been nurtured and protected by the Ivory Towers, are expert at avoiding annihilating their own home.

One more thing. Churchill is not at all embarrassed by his misconduct. He derives comfort from the evidence that CU let him slide until his outspokenness brought their hiring malfeasances to the attention of the outside world.

I have often said that the one thing the deepest cynics cannot abide is the possibility that someone somewhere is not corrupted. The corrupt are necessary for cynicism's existence, and so the corrupt are welcomed. But the very idea that innocence could exist becomes terrifying, because the existence of a single innocent becomes a devout cynic's self-condemnation to hell.

God, if there were only some way to sentence Churchill and ilk to life in perpetual embarrassment, it would provide a veritable stake through the heart of such destructiveness.

Oh dear fellow Americans: is it not time to bring back public stocks precisely to weal some small measure of appropriate punishment to such desperately needy reprobates?


  1. There is no shame anymore. The mainstreaming of stuff like goth looks and girls dressing up for school and the mall like street walkers, with no one shocked anymore at either, is evidence. Everyone's a rebel with a piercing and a tattoo, so they can be unique, just like everybody else.

    There is also no idea of evidence and truth trumping emotion, either. Used to be, what a fool believes, you can reason away (sorry, Dooby Brothers), but now dialogue is two sides shouting slogans at each other and no one persuaded, and compromise is one side expecting the other to do all of the bending while they stay the same.

    Shunning may be the one weapon left. The liberals are doing that to Sheehan to good effect. Now to con them to ignore Churchill, too.

  2. If my observation of nihilist behavior holds, you may be right. Much depends on how much Ward's next actions jeopardizes the sinecures of other cuckoos snuggled deep in that nest.

    And you just touched on a point that you made on one of my earlier threads: the MSM makes the notorious famous while near totally ignoring the notable. What once was shameful led to infamy and shunning. But infamy is now the new fame. Who ever heard of Ward Churchill before he made an ass of himself?

    Sadly, the consequences of Postmodernism must get considerably worse before Americans feel compelled to expel its promulgators.


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