Friday, May 04, 2007

Our Next Good American Leader Is Currently Under Attack

The rudderless ship drifts at the mercy of the tides.
In responding to comments to Our Curmdugeon's alert about looming Congressional attacks on free speech, ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ of Fighting in the Shade, woefully prayed: "May God Help us."

I eagerly said amen to that.

Still, every time I hear that prayer I also feel haunted by the old saw: "God helps those who help themselves." The rub is in knowing that this Biblical "sounding" homily was purportedly authored by Ben Franklin, an early collectivist. That suggests that the seeds to allow men ruling the state to supersede God were planted even before we became a nation under God.

So Leonidas's prayer mixes well with concerns this old agnostic has been mulling for quite some time. What it comes down to is this: God -- What is Right -- will stand behind those who are in the right.

Knowing what is right isn't always clear. Many are easily misled, others are willingly misled. And those who have something to gain are eager to mislead. It doesn't take much recounting of history to prove this. In fact, misleaders are never more revealing than when they are attacking the teaching of what happened in the past. Those who wish to gain at the expense of others' folly don't very well want their useful idiots to know or care about consequences that have befallen fools of the past.

For there is hardly anything clearer than this. Those who wish to conquer have an ally in confusion. It takes good men to lead the way through and away from confusion. So it's natural that the conqueror can't abide leaders. New kings, upon ascending the throne, often killed off their potential rivals.

Those who are not necessarily against the right way, but are hell bent to have good things go their way, have been firmly committed to raising a generation of managers, not leaders. The last leaders I worked for in industry were purged in the 1970s.

And every effort is made to prevent new leadership from arising, perhaps in Biblical proportions.

In many ways our statists take their clues from the Bible even as they do their damnedest to convince the rest of us that the Bible contains nothing of value for us whom they aim to rule.

Our statists have even moved beyond Pharoah in seeking to prevent new leadership from arising. Instead of killing the first born, they convince his mother to do it and his father to applaud it. And promote life alternatives that will lead his brothers and sisters not to procreate at all.

Taking more clues form the Bible: Despite much carnage, Pharoah failed. And the liberator arose in his own house.

So I'm reliably convinced that that haunts our statists.

Every effort is made to keep those they do not trust from rising to prominence.

Last night they went so far as to leave the names off the TV screen from under the images of the 10 GOP hopefuls so that the average viewer couldn't easily tie the face and words to a name.

I think our statists have little to worry about from those ten men. For men who live and die by name recognition, is it not odd that not one of them made a peep of complaint about the anonymity assigned them by MSNBC? Our next "leader" is allegedly amongst them? [shudder]

So ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ, I too ask God for help:

Where Is MY Leader?


  1. Dude, it's May 11. You do remember you have a blog, right? Post a laundry list. Post something

  2. Thanks for the spur, Og. It's nice to have at least one insistent reader.


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