Thursday, May 03, 2007

Where Is MY Leader?

After seeing tonight but a portion of the staged display of Republican hopefuls, I simply had to ask: Where is my leader?

I don't know anyone who has this answer. So for second best, will someone please lie to me persuasively? C'mon try like you really give a shit about Americans and their future.

Speaking of shits; was there not one with enough backbone to say that the also-ran network MSNBC was not the right venue?

Hey! On that score alone, maybe no-show Fred Thompson really is the man?

Then, just to demonstrate he knows what to do about sabotage, how about one of the guys who did show up having the courage to walk up to the producer after the event and punching him in the nose?

For what? For deliberately not including the name of each hopeful under their image. That's standard practice everywhere. All except for this debate? Hence, it was intentional -- well deserving of painful consequences.

The fact that these unknown faces (except to the politically savvy) had to take mostly inane if not embarrassing questions? Aw, that's nothing. It's simply another cracked window through which to view the derelict mind of Chris Matthews.

After witnessing this charade, I must heartily congratulate the Dems for choosing not to appear in front of the far wider audience that belongs to Fox. At least they had the political sense not to have to face legitimate questioning even if it costs them money and viewership.

But what propelled the GOP to accept the Matthews invitation? Short of complete imbecility that is.

God bless it: where is a leader I would be proud to follow?


  1. I only saw excerpts- but I'm right with you. Fred is my man. Mitt Romney came off pretty good, though, despite the utter inanity of the questions.

  2. Glad for your company. I just wrote more at length about the challenge facing us.


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