Saturday, January 23, 2016

Between the Lines #5 [Age Cap]

All you need to know about your position in the state of American health care today I assert you may discover from two posts, one from 2009, and another from 2014. Both reveal the mindset of the architect of American health care under Barack Obama.


The first is an analysis of what the architect of our current "heath care" system created by presenting a clear examination of his thinking.

The second is an admission by the architect of his own feelings. Twelve pages worth. What do I read between the lines there?
"If my feelings are good enough for me they are good enough for you. Period."

I know from sad experience there are some who will refuse to get this message.

Below is repeated Zeke Emanuel's graph as published in 2008. Those who noticed how it ceases at age 75 thought it was merely a matter of convenience -- nobody knows how far to the right someone might live, right? Right?

Well, it wasn't until 2014 that he openly disclosed his wishes. It is hard not to conclude now that the graph ending at 75 was not merely incidental. It's surely been his and Obama's intended policy.


  1. Thank you Ed. You well know that Prog's are incrementalists doncha.

    1. In 2008 they present their chart showing probability of a medical intervention mysteriously ending at age 75.
    2. In 2014 they let on their belief that 75 is a good age to die.
    3. Notice in their chart that at age 55 the trend suddenly turns down, so it's a fair guess that sometime in the future -- say after another six years in 2020 they'll announce that the good time to die is 55.
    4. At that rate by 2032 the Progs will either be at age 30 of Logan's run or have it in sight.

    After more than 100 years of practice the Progs are experts at incrementalism.

  2. Pascal, you've nailed it again. We don't have to look to 1976's Logan's Run. Just about every futuristic TV show includes the germ of this idea - dying is natural, you can't help those who are infected, for the sake of the (young and) healthy you must let the other ones die, etc.

    My only question is whether what you are calling "the Progs" are actually the architects. I see them more as the revolutionaries who will be purged somewhere down the line. That small point changes nothing of the strength of your arguments.


  3. Thanks Alec. And I'm glad you asked your question because I don't think I explain my use of words often enough.

    First of all, the architect to whom I refer up at the top is Zeke Emanuel. I hadn't used architect to refer to the "Progressives" (Progs) here.

    But you are right in that I do look at them as the most politically active strategic thinkers. Architects could apply then. I think it may help your thinking too to separate the Left from the Progs as I do, so I'll provide some more thoughts.

    See, I look at the Left as tools of the Progs. Mostly violent tools as you can see them being used as shock troops. A current example is the presumptuously labeled thugs called AntiFa in Europe. They are permitted all sorts of violent acts there while being masked, but the EU police crack down on the grassroots protesters for provoking the AntiFa. The Progs NEED the shock-troops to help create chaos so that they can claim more power to restore order. The AntiFa have been called out as being EU govt civilian auxiliaries because they can do things that would be called Fascist if the govt were doing it alone. That is the logical conclusion for them being permitted to wear masks,

    The Progs are always the ones who are better placed in govt and have been passing laws that make the Left virtually untouchable and given an unequal footing to many of them in law suits and criminal prosecutions. The most effective Progs are those who pretend to be against the Left but always manage to give away something -- some incremental change which provides them a chance to be seen as "good" in that they are willing to compromise. The Left wants all that it wants NOW. The Progs have traditionally asked their members to move two steps forward and one back for most of the 20th Century. Now they are pushing 10 things forward and hardly give anything back -- ever. Now that they've gotten so entrenched in our bureaucracies you can see why they are insulated from needing to give up anything. Heck, they can easily shrug and claim that civil service laws have made the bureaucrats virtually untouchable. The Progs have stacked the deck against us and they're shrug -- when they even do so -- is a condescending laugh at us.

    Rather than go too much longer here, let me have you peruse my old glossary.

    Both the iconoclast entry and the social engineering entry bear facets to my recent piece on Critical Theory because they were written before I became better acquainted with that strategy.

    If after you read that, maybe you can suggest whether or not I should repost any portion the glossary so we can discuss its broad strokes further.

  4. Hi Pascal,

    The comment about "the progs" was in response to your comment at January 24, 2016 at 7:26 PM above.

    I think it is always useful to repeat definitions, because there is so much effort afoot by paid manipulators to add emotional baggage and wrong examples to the terms we must use. Please do repost elements from your glossary as future posts if you have the time/interest. They would be of great help to many of us.

    On the Left the Progs and others

    It seems that we have each adopted different "buckets" to group these critters. In addition looking at the buckets we choose from different "levels of the hierarchy" reveals things that might not seem to make sense from other angles. It's not easy for me to communicate these things as clearly as I'd like. But I'm trying.

    Some questions to think about

    1. Is it possible that the group you are calling "Progs" are carefully cultivating and manipulating both the "left" and the "right"?

    2. Do you see the growing chaos and clear divide and conquer strategies in Europe and the US as an incremental step towards the sometime future imposition of a new world order system along the lines of "making order out of chaos".

    3. Are there "puppeteers" in your system of understanding above the "Progs"?

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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