Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rick Perry At His GOPe Hack 'Best'

Rick Perry demonstrating how he’s a GOPe hack.

"Rick Perry Says Donald Trump Should Be Disqualified Over McCain Comments"

He goes into high dudgeon, using his own veteran status as cover, to lambast Trump for dissing McCain’s worn out exploitation of his service. Under normal circumstances — such as political conditions of 30 years ago — I’d agree with Perry. But not today.

Here is a useful tool to help you recognize and expose all GOPe hacks.

Watch the video. As you do, imagine Perry (or any GOPe) getting as hot over Obama's utter lack of concern for our troops and our vets. Or condemning Hillary for her deadly role in Benghazi. Can you imagine them doing it with the same degree of livid anger?

If you cannot imagine that, then you understand more than a thousand words could explain why Trump is drawing so much interest to himself. While Trump comes close to doing that, but I've never seen him this stern or employing this much ferocity.

The important point is to watch Perry’s face and you will find yourself wishing he’d use half as much effort to fight a Democratic POS.

And then you will realize why he and every other GOPe is NOT the answer. They always reserve their greatest animosity for lower class upstarts like us.

Seeing as who's got possession, perversion is now nine tenths of the law


  1. Perry made it a priority to blast Trump. It was unseemly and the more he did it the more it looked to me like that was his role in the campaign. Marilyn Barnewall at News With Views wrote that the establishment has populated the GOP field with candidates whose function is to draw support away from any non-Jeb front runners. Thus, some of the candidates are people who know they haven't a hope in Hell of getting nominated (Kasich) but who agree to serve the establishment. I would have said that Perry was not a terrific candidate but who had a colorable claim to have a chance to popularity. Maybe, maybe. Considering the prominence he gave to bashing Trump I think he was a ringer. And inquiring minds want to know where his $71M war chest go now.

  2. Yes, colonel. As I recall, all funds not spent can be claimed by the candidate. But there's no improper transfer of funds from partisans. Nosiree. It's all FEC kosher.

    As to my point (a GOPe will attack a conservative with a ferocity they'd never employ on a Dem) I imagine you already concur as I'm reasonably sure you've been around GOP politics long enough to have become familiar with closet Progressives. They get away with feigned [strike out the last word] plausible deniability only with the SSM or the naïf, not with veterans.

    It's always a pleasure to see M. Descartes make an appearance here.


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