Monday, July 27, 2015

Lying to Fellow Jews

I wonder. Is Debbie Wasserman-Shultz perhaps related to the Sergeant Shultz [image] -- a character inspired by the behavior of the Juden Polizei?

She, along with an overpaid idiot at the ADL (Jonathan Greenblatt, a former advisor to Obama no less), came out swinging at Mike Huckabee -- whom I personally detest -- for saying what any sane Jew should be saying. In short, for saying that the Iran deal is allowing Iran to turn the entire nation of Israel into a Jewish oven. A sane Jew is one who has heard "Never Again" reverberating in their ears their entire lives. That clearly leaves out Mrs. Shultz. (Hmmm. Is she less Jewish and more a gut German?)

My Dad told me -- a man who was a contemporary of many of your great grandfathers -- that the lowest form of Jew during WW II was the one who, for few extra rations, worked for the Nazis. Their job was in keeping their fellow Jews from speaking out about what was happening to them. Preventing them from speaking of the truth parading daily in front of their eyes. Their job was to see that news of the Final Solution going on all around them was denied by all -- or else!

Back then Sergeant Shultz would be tasked with enforcing "You know nutting!" amongst her fellow Jews.

And back then she also would have had the decency to wear one of these on her sleaves so that we knew for whom she was really working.

Yep. The Juden Polizei's job was to make sure nobody spoke out or acted against government plans.


  1. This post kind of relates to your previous post about Ted Cruz.
    Suppress the Truth.

  2. Wherever there is a dictator, you will find propagandists whose job is to interfere with the massing of dissent. Hitler had Goebbels. Saddam Hussein had Baghdad Bob. Obama has Wasserman-Shultz. The pattern is strong.

    Perhaps the question we should put first to candidates for the 2016 presidential election is "If you are elected, who will you nominate to be your Minister of Truth?"

    1. For some awful reason, Blooger hid this comment away in moderation and it did not turn up until today for me to allow through. I'm sorry for the oversight Fran. Thanks for your comment.

      I wonder who would be Trumps Minister of Truth? Himself perhaps.

  3. I had a recent conversation with a Jewish woman who voted for Obama in 2008, but today hates him and the Democrat Party with a passion!...Likewise, she finally realizes that Southern Christians and TPM Republicans are the Jews best allies in America. Methinks the Left is losing their Jewish base voters...Thank you, Obama!

  4. I was speaking with an old friend recently who is Jewish and somewhat conservative. When he mentioned "the necessity" of limiting handguns I observed, "How could any Jewish person with any knowledge of history not do everything in their power to protect the right of gun ownership? Don't you remember 'never again'?" He was amazed, seeming never to have thought about this before.

    1. Send him a link to this, or at the very least, send him a photo of that armband along with a similar argument in your own words. There are so many Leftists in the Jewish sphere that it is very difficult for a Jew to take a non-left stand and not be ostracized. Generally the orthodox are different but even they have rabbis who often don't dare take a right-ward stance lest the IRS tax their income. It's a fact that has endangered all organized religion. Mammon has a mighty hold on the tongue.


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