Tuesday, March 17, 2015

When the blinders are ripped off, it's not always cause to celebrate

When liberal groups split off from long time allies because the long time allies expose themselves as really the kind of villains conservatives have long warned the liberal group they were aiding, there is both a sigh of relieve in our side AND the nagging feeling that "maybe they are just looking to save face now that the atrocities of their former partner is so blatantly out in the open."


Liberal groups tend, as a whole, to automatically detest conservative groups simply because they have done it for so long. Their indoctrination has been that strong.

So even when all that the conservative groups have warned about proves to be true, the liberal groups tend to give them NO credit.

This could be remedied except for the fact that there are far too many establishment moles within conservative groups who will make sure that the liberals are disenchanted once again, and very soon.

Remember folks. There is no Left and Right. There is really only Up and Down. Profess it. Let Ronald Reagan show you how. http://pascalfervor.blogspot.com/2014/02/200-reward-for-verified-copy-82-83.html


  1. They engage in damage control, not a pursuit for enlightenment.

  2. Yes. That is that implied in "saving face?"

    Interestingly, specifying damage control and no pursuit of enlightenment suggests that their purpose is solely self-serving. Have we reversed roles today? hehe


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