Friday, July 11, 2014

Godwin's Curse

Godwin's Law in short asserts that mentioning of Hitler for any reason in support of an argument implicitly categorizes the speaker as desperate.

I don't care who Godwin was or that he is credited with this assertion. However I will credit him with the curse since his attitude will have helped trends to continue.

Godwin's Curse:
There will be a point in time where events have so deteriorated that the value of any comparative arguments, such as how similar behavior led to the same repercussions, will be moot.
[**Updated** to include the corollary:
When one is living the consequences of Godwin's Curse, adherents to Godwin's Law will then know what desperation really means.]

I will have you know that this video helped, especailly at 30 seconds in, helped me recognize this curse.

Hat tip to Kevin Baker.

Oh, and one more observation.

Someone please list and point to places where Bill Whittle has called out RINOs SKUNCs for their back-stabbing and anti-constitutional ways of their own? 

Undoubtedly Whittle keeps showing us superbly how badly we are being served. I think he does so better than anyone else except, on some occasions, his pal Andrew Klavan.

See, this is what worries me about Whittle. I cannot quite shake the feeling that he is frequently laughing at Americans who are less well-connected than is he.


  1. Funny, I was just watching this before seeing your post.
    Godwin's Curse indeed!
    Does that apply to Weimar?
    But I will brook no criticism of Bill Whittle! :)

  2. "Does Godwin's Curse apply to Weimar?"

    Hard to see how? Yes it was not the only republic or democracy to have given it up to tyranny. But it was not in existence that long. And even then it had had its governmental structure imposed on it from without as a consequence of losing the Great War. I think the circumstances of the tyranny goes to a battle of wills in that case, not from a long-standing republic allowing its institutions to deteriorate due to blindness.

  3. Ed. Don't you think the complacency (at best) and possible passive aggressiveness of the GOPe needs to be called out every bit as much as the Democrats?

  4. I was in a hurry and not clear.
    I and others make references to Weimar, because we see parallels today.
    The inference is that Weimar leads to "National Socialism" (can't use that other word).
    So are we forbidden references to Weimar? (a little humor)

    Yes the GOP needs to be called out!
    I didn't catch complacency or PA in Whittle.

  5. Ah, now I get it. Rhetorical question indicating how one avoids The charge by invoking other names, as did Whittle.

    I was pretty sure you were on board with that need to call out. I have not know Bill to be either PA or complacent. However, if you check, you will find that others in the PJM stable will call out the GOP old dorks once or twice. Hence I asked for someone to list the times that he had. I see zero myself, but I don't know all. I would like some help on this. I also have something a bit more troublesome that got my nose atwitchin' back in 2008. That is why I asked in my post for some help on finding at least something where he struck at the Statist in the GOP. So far, ñada.

  6. Monday morning I'm calling in to Bennett and explain to him thr difference between America (the real estate and people) and America (the culture and ideal).
    I realize now that older Repubs like him don't understand why Obama wants to destroy America as we claim.
    They mistake destroying the culture for destroying the land and the people,

    1. I was referring to Bill W not Bill B, so please don't hold me responsible. Hehe.

      Best of luck. As it may be informative on how he boxes with you, please inform me, if you have an extra phone, when you get on hold. (Don't worry about what the hour is for me.)


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