Sunday, May 25, 2014

Rodger Family Statement: All Hollyweird Should Be Sterilized

The above headline is a fantasy, as it could never be uttered by the guilt-ridden speakers.

However dear readers, this fictitious headline is a more fitting response by parents who were truly regretful of their son's rampage yesterday. Instead we read their chutzpah headline garnered to generate sympathy from their like-minded Leftist friends: 
"Rodger Family Releases Statement Supporting Gun Control"
The story of how the film-maker father was envied by the son and the father did nothing to rectify it is not the headline. Nor is the fact that the sire provided his monster the opportunity to stab to death three of his friends before striking four others with his car was not even in the man's thoughts. But calling for gun control was.


  1. Blame anyone but your child.
    My kid is in prison.
    His fault, not mine.
    Not yours. Why should you be punished by restricting your rights?

    1. Given Peter Rodger's pride in bringing Hunger Games to the screen, and given how well that movie depicted the elitist view that makes an institution of killing the hoi polloi, it is not improbable that he sides with the elitist view in that movie (and in this world too, especially since gun control leaves the unarmed and lesser members of society at the mercy of stronger forces).

      We know how quickly he ran to the microphones to use this incident to push for gun control, right?

      So, what is your position on him if he indeed is of the mind "If Elliot's rampage can aid gun control then my son's sacrifice was worth it"?

      I doubt your answer will be "Life gave Peter a lemon in Elliot, so he's only making lemonade." I doubt it because that's taking understanding a bit too far. ("To hell with the lesser victims than myself.")

      I'm sorry if that sounds cynical, but it is hard not to sound that way after seeing how quickly this POS turned this outrage by his spoiled brat (that maybe he had no fault in) into a gun control issue (which he is responsible for). And to make matters worse, he quite likely did it addtionally to seek sympathy with the Hollywood community and other Leftests as I averred in the original post.

  2. I blame BMW, the internet and video games. I wonder why he doesn't?

    1. Most likely because those other things are not the target of his Leftist pals. You see, when the sire this monster shifts attentions to guns, he has history to inform him that media will avoid any mention of any of his own complicity, such as providing monster with bad examples, access and means.


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