Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wasting Time Exposing Court Jesters

I must admit I found Ace's title intriguing.

Paul Krugman Gets Pwn3d Like a Loudmouth in a Woody Allen Movie

But before I could finish the explanation of the take-down of 'the esteemed" Paul Krugman I was awash with ennui. If that is the right label for the emotion. I'm not sure that ennui even comes close to the disgust I felt about wasting good logic on a complete hack like Krugman; or on any of the Progs that Krug fittingly represents. Self-satisfied, arrogant with not a scintilla of humility, and apparently paid well to provide red-herrings to opponents of Statism when they might otherwise be contemplating ways to effectively eliminating the tyrants.

The otherwise fine job that Ace and, if he's correct in his assessment, that Dan Kahan have attempted proves why writing about the bums and their pretenses is a complete waste of time. In my opinion the bums know they are wrong and it's simply their job to tie sane people up in knots attempting to demonstrate why the clowns are -- if one wishes to more accurately describe them -- well-paid liars.

After over two months of not writing a single word for this blog I think this bit might provide you an explanation as to why.

It is my opinion that committing murder or advocating commiting murder will not solve a thing. In fact it would only exacerbate our woes. However, I would find it hard to denounce people who feel that way today, even to my Maker. That our despots wish us to be thinking like that only further suggests that they may deserve to meet such an end so as to prevent the destruction of so many more people who are relatively innocent. I call myself agnostic only because I do not KNOW My Maker intimately. That He made the world work as it does -- beyond human calculation to make things happen that cannot happen -- I take wholly on faith. And it is because of that faith that I know -- I am NOT agnostic on this -- that today's tyrants seek the destruction of billions of people and the subjugation of the remnant.

In part I know this from the  more complex evidence like that of the masthead above. But I know it even more from the tyrants' claims to be doing things that they could never ever do (e.g., 2+2 ≠ 5) but constantly lie that they are doing. This is wrong and leads to disaster and needs to be ended, but it is something that one mere man cannot bring an end to on his own.

I pray daily that He will achieve it much in the manner that Pharaoh was dealt with. Let His wrath pass over the decent human beings and fall on those who deserve it. It's a lot to ask of He with Whom I have no intimate contact; may it be enough that I ask it not for me.


  1. You say they know they are wrong.
    Kahan's work suggests they don't.
    That they are blind to their wrongness because of their predisposition..
    Same result.

    1. As I said, that is my opinion they are wrong. There are others, like Kahan, who have a different opinion. And their credentials for being taken seriously are probably much greater than my own. Many influential people know and approve of Kahan. Who is Pascal Fervor to challenge him?

      Well, let me ask you to consider the whole realm of possibilities for behaving one way or another. I can tell right off that I have considered more of them than Kahan.

      For him to say that such enemies of the truth are blind to their wrongness because of their predisposition is essentially one way to allow those of such opinion to sleep better at night. It makes him uneasy to say what I have in this post, That there are people who are unafraid to behave like buffoons and are well paid to do so. Based upon what Kahan has written he has not even considered this as a possibility so his probability tables are incomplete. When the possible motives for actions are not even allowed to be examined, the probabilities that allow him to arrive at an assessment are based on an INCOMPLETE model. But he won't admit that he's left anything out and will accuse yours truly of manufacturing additional motives; maybe only because he does not like being shown to be wrong, or maybe for other reasons that need not be explored just yet. What matters is that such people can be of no use in solving the problem if they are wrong. Why? See in Kahan's explanation for Krugman's behavior is an explanation for his own -- "his predisposition makes him blind to his wrongness."

      It is my assessment based upon experience with others in high places that Krugman not only knows he is wrong, but he is confident that he will never be confronted in mass media with the proofs of his wrongness such as Kahan's. His best chances for never being called on the carpet is to continue to speak the party line. Only when the party line is no longer useful will he ever be in danger of being thrown under the bus. And even then he is likely to be awarded with a great pension and emeritus status. No, history is replete with court jesters. Don't be fooled because he doesn't wear a harlequin suit or hat. His nonsense is far too consistent and he's backed by others who protect him from public confrontations and debates by men such as Kahan. Like Al Gore has never been in honest and open debate for the same reason. The number of lies needed to maintain that fraud originally known as CAGW (and now called climate change because it is so obviously wrong) is simply another example. And I guarantee you that if not Kahan, than another opponent of Gore's will also say that Gore and his ilk are blind to their wrongness because of their predisposition. You see? Anyone with that attitude can never be of any help in fighting such villainy.

    2. I suppose I should be more willing to believe that Krugman and others are paid agents and not honest idiots.
      But you're right, if he is, then Kahans data is thrown off kilter.

  2. The wrath you ask of God is reflected in the Book of Revelation, and seems to be in answer to the prayers of the saints.
    To my wifes chagrin, I fervently say "Die!" every time I see Osama on TV.
    I'm bot proud of it, and I realize his clone is waiting in the wings.

    1. You may say "die" and only be venting. Our enemies are hoping that some one of us or a small group will do more than merely vent. They are so blatantly and openly challenging our way of life that they are behaving like bullies with lots of guns, putting one big chip after another on the shoulders of their agents and begging some one of us to knock it off.

      They think the odds are stacked in their favor. But not if He intervenes on our behalf. Hence my prayer.


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