Friday, March 29, 2013

Let Me Fix That for Yer "Breitbart".com -- Updated

The following is how would have corrected this headline were Andrew still alive.

Several in the left-wing media jumped on King’s comments immediately, taking them out of context to attempt to disparage him.

At the risk of sounding like another blogger many of you know: were I to give a damn anymore I could rewrite headlines like this all day long -- and they might even occasionally be amusing -- but what difference would it make?

Sure as shooting, the "Right" publishers are all wimping out just like the talkshow hosts. They make a show like they're on the case. Hence headlines like this one shoot short of the mark.

Rewriting their tepid headlines is one way of ridiculing them for their cowardice. But ever since Don Rickles became famous making Johnny Carson laugh at being called a hockey puck (learn to accept being abused as the cost of gaining power, but always remember who gets the last laugh), people in positions of influence and power have been trained to build up their callousness. So our insults will roll off them like water off a duck's back.

If insults won't affect them any longer, maybe something stronger will penetrate those calloused brains. Surfactants work on ducks, ______ work on political elites. I simply don't know what that something is just yet.

Anyway, my noticing the understatement in the word "Left" in that headline got me to break my month long silence. Our media more and more is copycatting all out Soviet era Pravda. And they have been quite successful too, especially in their stoking divisiveness between neighbors, abetting the conquering by our ever more low-life tyrants on the rise. The right media is doing nobody any service by understating the gravity of such dangerous propaganda.

If anyone agrees with my assessment, that the sites which bear Andrew's name ought to be more hard-hitting, then you might want to add a thumbs up to the comment I left there. Thanks.

pascal fervor 8 days ago
Dear Editors:
Here, let me fix the headline of this story for you:
"Soviet Style Media Selectively Edit Steve King on Sasha, Malia Bahamas Vacation"
This way there is no understating the gravity of the dangers from such a despicable propaganda machine. Long live the spirit of Andrew.


  1. I'm losing the ability to engage in civil discourse.
    We're being sold out by those who would sell out.

    1. I'm sure you try to do the best you can Ed. It is not only for yourself that you do it too.

      The primary reason I say I'm agnostic is because it keeps me from having to go into long explanations as to why I don't trust the hierarchy of any major theological institutions. But I have a mountain of faith in how He arranged the way the world works. If there is any hope for this nation's retreat from oblivion it will not be because of our current leaders, but the leadership of individual human beings who revere Him more than our demigods.

      As a man born Jewish I can relate to what Jesus was railing against. What he saw in the religious leaders of his time, many of us see in ours. And for the purely secular, they see it too in the heads of institutions.

      For this society to survive the stupidity at the top -- and fearfulness too given how much fear there is in being a closet Malthusian believer -- it will require men who leave off being concerned only about careers, or finance, or the ways to make life easiest. Those are all lesser gods that cause men to forget Him and how things really work. Men who lie to themselves will surely lie to us. Their ailment is really very simple. Like alcoholics, the promise they need just one more. Really just a little more time and THEN I'll pay the piper. Our Creator did not make the world that way, and those at the top will hate us for reminding them of that fact. But it is the Truth, and I continue to stand behind how the world works (His course) and not how they wish it will work (hateful of Him).


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