Thursday, September 25, 2008

Madness of the Political Class -- E.G. 1

In my prior post, Invasion of the Sanity Snatchers, I observed that you are not insane for concluding the political parties and MSM are all behaving madly.

However accurate my observation and conclusion may be, I intentionally left out examples. I simply wanted to state what I think many of us relatively quiet observers are all taking for granted.

Today I begin a series of posts wherein I give examples of the madness.

Democratic Party activists and pundits started questioning the experience of Sarah Palin from the start. In another time it would have been thought the height of madness to question the experience of the opposition party's VeePee when the experience of your own Presidential candidate was so open to question. And, in fact, the Dems daring to bring it up actually highlights how many ways Barack Obama not only has less experience than that of the opposition Veepee, he has less experience than a very large number of ordinary Americans. All Dems who decided it was a good idea to make an issue of experience were mad.

In fact I'd like to nominate whatever Democrats chose not to do so as eligible to form the core of a New Democrat Party right after the elections when the current nuts can be properly eased into long term treatment.

And as for the Republicans. How is it possible, given the opportunity Barack Obama has given them, that they do not pummel Senator Obama with the same questions he raises about Governor Palin? Using his own words and that of his closest allies. Daily. In ads. On TV. And in panel discussions everywhere.

Each time the Dems prove they're nuts and the GOP then chooses not to make an issue of it simply amplifies the fact the Pubbies are in their own way every bit as mad as the Dems.


Well, I am delighted to say that the following video responds well to my concerns about the GOP's sanity for failing to take advantage of the opening provided when the Obamaniacs made an issue of experience. (h/t Macsmind by way of Ace.)

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