Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Invasion of the Sanity Snatchers

If all seems mad to you, rest assured you are not. You'd only be mad were you to think the current political news is normal election cycle inanity. It's well past that.

It's not just that the Left becomes more unhinged on a daily basis. It's apparent to me that the Right believes their best chances for winning is to keep the Left looking like the raving mad threat they really are. For only in contrast to the Democrats do the Republicans appear comparatively sane. That's not saying much.

I keep getting requests for money, two or three a day, from the RNC and the McCain/Palin campaign. But I know I cannot countenance sending them a dime. Why?

Because they'll take the major portion of any money they have and give it to blatantly Leftist MSM -- what I fondly call by its Orwellian cognomen: The Ministry of Information. Thus, with help from the money of the unwitting Republican faithful, the Republican hating misinformation media survives another day.

And need I remind you that the MSM is the only "independent" that McCain-Feingold gives a free hand in the last days of an election to say what it wishes about any candidates?

Oh, by the way: what's the name of the Right-most candidate again?

In the old Soviet Union, those who questioned the sanity of the leaders wound up being treated for insanity. Damn. Kinda.

Looking at the denizens atop our major parties, insanity is neither red nor blue alone. They're the In crowd, and they're mates, and they ARE controlling the institution.

I will follow up this commentary with examples. Please feel free to offer up examples of your own.

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  1. Indeed!! The lunatics have taken over control of the asylum.


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