Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Something Eternally Undeniable

There are many believers in God: the theist.

There are many believers that God does not exist: the atheist.

But one thing this agnostic does know for a certainty:
The Concept of God exists.
And that irritates all the rulers and demigods and their nefarious aides that ever existed.

Whether or not God exists, the Concept of God stands between the individual and those who would treat him as less than human. All the anti-theistic efforts in the world can never put an end to the Concept.

Where there are human beings -- or, indeed, any thinking beings -- there will be the Concept of God.


  1. og, you curly haired churlish little cur, If God created the universe, then walked off, who needs him? What difference does it make? But I don't believe in any God, but could live with one like above. And you nuts would be a little easier to live with also.

    Einstein called Christians childish, who am I to argue?

  2. Hey og, isn't this the lord's day, and maybe you shouldn't be swearing at his children. GD, if you cons only read the good book more.

    Are you trying to get a chit from God for converting Pasc?


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