Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So, I'm Human

"Dear Mr. Fervor,

Some months ago you wrote an editorial about me entitled She Thinks Her **** Doesn't Stink. Could you not have disparaged my, er, priggishness with words that are readable on radio?

Well anyway, I'm writing today to inform you that you were wrong Mr. Fervor.

I must admit that my story about the tensions I endured while in Bosnia was a real stinker. Peee-Hew!
Seeeee! </fantasy>

I made a mistake. I have a different memory. That happens. I'm human. For some people that's a revelation."

Hillary Clinton


  1. SHe's human? that's a surprise to me.

  2. Whoever sent her did a great job with the DNA, didn't they?


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