Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Denying Human Life Its Holy Imprimatur

When men think of themselves as gods, they invariably treat the common man as an animal. Hence the life of the majority is degraded and the individual is stripped of any rights not bestowed to them temporarily by the demigod. On good days they view as quaint our traditional Judeo-Christian ethics that sees innocent human life as something sacred and deserving of societal protection.The good days are growing fewer as the following stories suggest.

I've been warning of this for ages, but now Drudge headlines the advancing avalanche that has been mockingly called a slippery slope.
Belgium looks at euthanasia for minors, Alzheimer's sufferers...

France considers 'accelerated deaths'...

What more need I say at this point? You know this is where ObamaCare is headed. I have spoken with physicians who approve. I've read books that promoted this line of thinking while our leaders stood off on the sidelines and either said nothing or appointed the authors to higher office positions (at the CDC for instance.) There they have been establishing policies that has been quietly but detrimentally affecting what medical choices are available to us for decades. They are proponents of treating human beings as commodities and not as God's children, and -- in particular under Obama -- they are ever increasing in number and power.

You are either on the side of the ethics that gave birth to all of our modern advances -- the code derived from the variety of religions generally known as Judeo-Christianity branches -- or you've permitted yourself to be swayed into joining the camp of the new pagans (not progressives as they say, but regressives), the Sustainability worshipers. And it is sad to say that many of the heads of those religious institutions are among the Sus worshipers even as they play plausible deniability games with those who challenge them. "Sustainability? I thought that was only about conservation."

So many of you think the Statist demagogues are bad now. You have another think coming. For those who have never seen it, here is the scene in the 1939 classic, Gunga Din, where the Kali worshiping guru indoctrinates his thuggees* with a boiling, maniacal hatred: "Kill for the love of killing. Kill for the love of Kalee. Kill! Kill! KILL!"

Click here to run clip. This scene starts at 60 seconds.

As you see more and more of these stories there will still be friends and relatives who think what I'm saying is overly dramatic. If you are God revering, I think it is especially true that you try and awaken comprehension that this is the real face that is behind the Progressive mask.  Don't fear the fictional zombie hoards, fear that the Progs have so destroyed our culture that virtually all societal members have become desensitized. Consequent to their incremental cultural attacks, all of us have been stripped of some basic decent human sentiments, while some of us have been stripped of all. Fear that should you fail to provide sufficient countermeasures that your children may wind up looking at you with a face such as this and neither realize it nor care.

*Thuggee (Tug-ee') were a large gang of highwaymen that infested the mid 19th Century British Raj. They delighted in murdering whomever they plundered. It is from them that our term thug derives.The new movie "The Innocent Prophet" suggests that Mohammed set the standard for the Thuggee to copy.


  1. I can't believe I haven't commented on this yet!
    This is really good.
    The Thuggee cult in Gunga Din always scared me as a child.

  2. Thank you Ed. Same to you and yours.

  3. Like Ed said... a very Merry Christmas to you and yours Pascal!!! And a Happy New Year!!

  4. Late here, but Merry Christmas, Pascal!


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