Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ruling Elite Gloating

Here you will see a very well laid out chronicle of the Clinton lie technique.

It is so well done that one ought to wonder why nothing of consequence has come of it. The SSM does what it is told to do and the alleged opposition party members bluster a bit, then they do nothing about it. The Comey testimony was simply a formal announcement that DOJ would do nil. But the political leaders of the GOP still stand by the old Prog slogan 'no enemies to the left.' So, instead, they battle every person to their Right. You not on the left are their enemy you see.

Thus, everything you just saw can be put away as just another "See how bad we are, and there is nothing you little people will do about it." It is gloating. Pure and simple. Just another instance where our rulers have permitted us to be informed as to what they think of our opinion. Get used to your inferior station "citizen." Kind of shows how much a useful idiot is Bill Whittle? Could be.

When I first saw this I did a slow burn and then simply put it away. But I'm gonna share with all two of you readers. It's not fair to burn alone.

It's not just national, but local too.


  1. I'm burning alright.
    But I'm furious at Trump giving it all away to Clinton.

    1. Look, Trump is doing what the two previous GOP candidates did -- not fighting. I'm disappointed that all those primary supporters refused to listen that they could expect this. They kept screaming that we were underestimating him. He'd tear her highness a new you know what.

      It's pointless to be furious at Trump. It's the operators of this circus who have me burning. It is those bastards are laughing at you.

    2. "I'm disappointed that all those primary supporters refused to listen that they could expect this."
      I'm furious, not only disappointed.
      They still all act like it's someone else's fault he doesn't get more support.

    3. Well, that fury would at least be better aimed.

      But I wonder how much you really get in the face of those early Trump supporters. It's more likely that they got in your face and threatening too.

      The pattern is familiar to me how Progs in sheep's clothing suppress revolts within the Right. Recall being charged with Bush derangement syndrome for legitimate criticism wherein those who attacked you compared you to the Lefties who leveled illegitimate attacks on Bush II. Those who are less aware and can't see consequences are always more sustemptible to peer pressure and will go on to parrot at you what they themselves had to endure. Yes, you have a cause to be furious, but it's not going to win you converts to your way of seeing things. I myself am plagued by the same thing in trying to find ways to reach my fellow man. How to break through the indoctrination and short-sightedness and teach others how to recognize the game being played upon them? That game is really being played upon all the rest of us because of the division it causes which prevent a truly large scale resistance. That is the reason for my inclination to fury -- and I brood over how to best redirect it to useful gain. Give me your suggestions and maybe it will inspire me.


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