Friday, August 28, 2015

Journalists Openly Threatened By the Left

Newsmen and women, this headline speaks volumes.

The daily news was apparently chosen to send you all this not so veiled warning
‘you too, dear journolist, can be executed with our blessings should you stray from our demands.’  

Can they've been more Stalinist than that?

If you as a group have a lick of sense would see this and start thinking about when you will join the resistance movement against tyranical big government while you still have the chance to fight back.

As you should know but can easily find out now that you see this threat, the Soviet gulag was full of your predecessors after those in power felt they knew too much or otherwise outlived their usefulness.

Both of these journalist victims were in their 20s. They maybe are too young for us to know how much they, like many millennials, are starting to lean conservative. For certain their killer seemed to have made up his mind they were too much to his right. And whatever the facts are in the killer's mind is irrelevant here because the Daily News is using the event to threaten the rest of you.

One more thing. Those who have not begun using the acronym SSM yet ought to start after seeing that headline.

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