Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hillary Is Out & Here's Why - update 1

They who ignore the lessons of history are condemned to repeat it.

Whatever use the Clintons provided for Obama before, the finest thing they could do for him now is not regain power. Lenin did not see his mortal danger from Stalin before it was too late. Stalin never permitted anyone to retain power for too long. Even exiled Trotsky knew his days were numbered. The other apparatchiks who outlived their usefulness never saw it coming. When Stalin died, there was a collective sigh of relief throughout the Soviet Union as each apparatchik displayed his grief over the loss of Uncle Joe in perfect double-think harmony.

As long as Obama is reasonably sure that the press will continue to sing his praises, he may not even be worried about any dirt that Hillary and her backers have on him.  So that is one of the major calculations that are on-going. How much does what she knows trouble Obama? My guess is almost nothing.  So should the Justice department actually indict her, I foresee conviction. Why? A wounded Queen would be extremely dangerous.

In my opinion, Obama and his handlers do not want to worry about retaliation for real or imagined slights to the Clintons -- just the cloud from the threat of indictments are exactly that -- so there is not a chance in hell that he will permit Hillary to be the Democratic candidate.

And if I am right -- and I hope many others see this before it is too late -- the most important aspect of the next GOP candidate better not be "who will be the best to beat Hillary." Because that will be preparing to battle the wrong war.

**Update 16Aug2015**
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Zoom in on Bill's eyes -- yowsa!
There is no way in hell that Xero will let Hillary reign. As suggested in comments, more likely he arranges for Moochelle to be the Dem candidate. Fitting too in that it's a tactic right out of George Wallace's playbook. He may even point to that as precedent. LOL


  1. Excellent analysis of the "Hildabeast Problem" and I agree 100%! Obama hates the Clintons worse than he hates the most stalwart Republican - Ted Cruz, for example. After all, Cruz is an open enemy who detests socialism; whereas, the Clintons think they have a better take on socialism than The One. The Clintons are Trotsky to Obama. The Hildabeast will get the ice pick in the middle of the skull. This is inevitable. Ditto her Billy Boy. Obama will not make Lenin's mistake.

  2. Good point about the anti-Hillary, but if the attacks are on her positions and not her person, they are transferable.

  3. Take this for what it's worth: Martin McPhillips has been predicting for at least a year that the next DP candidate will be Michelle O.

  4. I still do not see OBama leaving office willing. Not sure how he will pull it off, but would be willing to bet we will something historic. The military was always the offset to executive office hubris, but that have purged all the military that even looked like it would keep its oath. The end of republic is dictator. We elected him. I do not think things will end well.

    1. I don't know. I'm pretty sure he's maneuvering for UN Secretary General. But since they historically come from third world countries, he has to finish turning us in to one.

  5. For what it's worth, I lean towards Obama at least trying to stick around, and here is how it could happen, at least in generalities.

    At some point either before, but more likely after, the upcoming National Election, martial law is declared. One scenario, and I stress this is only a guess, and not based on any actual knowledge of same, is Hillary is removed from the political stage via lead poisoning. Thus, she not only stops being a threat to the current admin (and an embarrassment to the party at large) but becomes that most useful of idiots...a martyr to the cause(s).

    The culprit WILL be an angry white male, veteran, if not right winger, at least a conservative in nature/libertarian/GOPer. (Their version of Lee Harvey Oswald if you will.)

    This will prompt some sort of anti-gun legislation/executive order, which in turn (or perhaps at the same time) will, because of the expected outrage (because it will be a major banning of one type of weapon or another) from the pro 2nd amendment folks (that's us!!) "force" Obama to place either parts of the country under martial law...or the whole damn nation.

    This will be a trial balloon of sorts...if the hue and cry becomes too strong (read active resistance or rebellion is finally an issue) they might back down....better to subjugate them by "peaceful means". And shortly thereafter said law will be rescinded by SCOTUS (making them appear to be doing their job) and martial law lifted....and Obama leaves office as expected the following Jan 20th.

    If there is little more than some angry posting of memes, commentary by the usual media pundits, and the blogosphere being lathered up (as usual)....then I expect he will stay in office as long as it takes to finish whatever task(s) he has assigned to him by the powers that be.

    You can use any other manufactured incident which allows for him to try the martial law gambit, but this one would appear to take care of at least 2 birds with one stone.


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