Wednesday, November 05, 2014

GOPe/Dem Coalition is STILL Steering

US over a cliff.

The elections just completed proves that a large number of Americans have had enough of the radical agenda.

The problem is that the GOP is not really a conservative party. It's an amalgam of conservatives and Progs. And the Progs are in the leadership and control the agenda. The nicest acronym used to refer to them is GOPe (Republican portion of the Establishment). Readers of this blog know I deride RINO (Republican In Name Only) and prefer SKUNC (Statist Kooks Undermining our Nation's Constitution). Whatever label you use for the GOPe, every principled conservatives has felt how it hates them.

In each and every corner of America a discussion needs to begin today. More people need to know that whatever mischief the GOPe manages to pull off in the next cycle, it is not the fault of conservatives.

The aim of that discussion is to come up with ways to divert the Establishment's steering of our republic over the cliff.

I'm an old man and I'm quickly running out of steam. If you think this idea is worth pursuing, then please comment below. I cannot contribute my assets, limited though they may be, to this effort if I don't even know you really want to try.


  1. Vote conservative in local elections.
    Work for conservatives,
    Deride progs,
    Educate family and friends.
    This election showed that money does not buy votes.

    1. I like your last line in particular Ed. Because the SSM and the professional political consultants make big bucks from our contributions.

      If someone out there has the skills and media credentials, it might be useful to investigate who won political contests with the least traditional purchases of ads, and publicize it all over the web.


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