Monday, January 27, 2014

Statist Tools: Compliant Media Editing

It is clear that those at the top of the influence peddling pyramid know full well that what I'm relating here is obvious to just about every American who is willing to pay attention. So it only goes to prove that you creeps at the top are seeking to provoke a reaction from one or more hotheads so your fascist preparations can finally begin in earnest. What you are ignoring at your own risk is there are many people who understand the dangerous game you are playing and may be even more ruthless than you. The next member of your cadre who dies prematurely in all likelihood will not be due to natural causes. But there will be no evidence to the contrary other than whatever your bunko agents try to invent. Think Andrew Breitbart. You may currently believe that your worst fear is what will happen if you cross your other club members. Reality can prove you wrong. Think about repenting while you still have time.

Two days before the State of the Union speech to be delivered by the President of the United States, that same president was charged with abuse of power by a news-making senator.

It was the kind of statement that news organizations once craved because such controversy helped them sell interest in their shows and gain them revenue.

But what would one expect from a "news" organization whose purpose was not to gin up interest in its shows but rather to promote another agenda even apparently more important than their revenue generated by viewership? You'd expect them to edit out the controversy.

Well, here are the facts of two videos. (You may want to save this page so you will have a record when the originals are dumped down the memory hole.) The first is what was extracted by CBS's Face the Nation when Bob Shieffer interviewed Senator Ted Cruz on Sunday Jan 26 2104.

What was edited out.

What was aired instead.

[Hmmm. The MRC embed code is strangely being ignored by Bloogger. Here it is with the brackets disabled with spaces so maybe you can use it:  < iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="270" src="" title="MRC TV video player" width="480" >< /iframe >]

(Well maybe Newsbusters will be able to keep its version alive and safe of the memory hole for a while, so here is the link to them: )

It is blatantly obvious that CBS is trying to shield President Obama 2 days before his big speech. It, like Pravda and Izvestia before it, knows no shame when it comes to marching to the demands of the Party. MSM continues to live up to the Soviet-Style Media label. I do not recall what the major news organ was for the Nazis, but I'm sure it was little different from the Soviets, only it lived a shorter time.

An SSM living a shorter time. Has a nice ring to it, no?

What does Dr. Evil think of CBS News?


  1. I'd like to think that there will be a day of reckoning for these weasels, but somehow I doubt it.

    1. Oh there IS that day coming KG. That's why I wrote the lead-in to this in italics addressed to those who think they are on top now. They will certainly fall to even darker forces for whom they are working same as happened in the Soviet Union as Solzhenitsyn told us. The propagandists may think they will be treated like O'Brien in 1984, but you know they won't be. They know too much, and the strongman has a particularly horrible end for those who helped him achieve power.

  2. did not watch the SotU speech-could not bear it-
    did watch FOX- found it interesting that the interview w/ Cruz had a 'glitch' too-
    I do not trust FOX any more either-
    thanks for the Cruz video-

    1. Are you saying that Fox also showed the shortened clip from CBS of Cruz even though there was the longer clip available to them and they failed to inform their viewers? If you saw that, I'll add an update to this post. And do you have a link?

      Thank Carol.


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