Sunday, January 05, 2014

CAGW Bunkos In the Bunker

Just when you think a format has run its course, someone finds a way to reinject new life into it. I will not make you any promises, but I found the What would Mawson do? segment hilarious.

Just so you know (I had to be informed by my Aussie friend KG) "Chris" is Australian climatologist  Chris Turney. This Leader of ill-fated Antarctic expedition, Professor Chris Turney, defends voyage
tells you how much this embarrassment burns him. ["Don't worry. He should make a very good clown." LOL]

If it so moves you, for extended chuckles you will find a copy of the screenplay of the Mawson segment below the break.

Chris: What would Mawson have done in this situation? He’d probably would have killed a crew member and eaten him…”

[crew members looks around nervously at each other]

Chris: “but theses days we are monitored 24 times 7 on social media, so you can sleep easy in your bunks gentlemen.”

[one fellow pulls back his collar and gulps in relief]

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  1. Got a great laugh out of that! Whoever did it.....well done!


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