Sunday, November 03, 2013

Really Sad

From Ed Driscoll at PJMedia.

Look at the anger in her expression and be very afraid should she have any say in whether or not you get to see a doctor.
As I posted a few weeks ago, the surname similarity (Jean Sibelius vs Kathleen Sebelius) causes me to associate this cold martinet with the Finnish composer who gifted us with the beautifully elegiac tune "Valse Triste" -- sad waltz. Her being in charge of implementing death panels is as far removed from the nostalgic feelings that an elegy seeks to evoke as anything you might consider.

So it is with some satisfaction to see this picture where the insult implied by the title of the book she has just been handed has finally dented the phony smiling facade of this supremely arrogant public servant who, when asked if she would resign due to stupendous incompetence, snipped "I don't work for my critics."

The sad thing is how much damage she and her bureaucracy will have done to America before we have a chance to legally see that she is punished for her maliciousness. This roll-out has been so bad it could not have been worse had it been planned that way.  Heads should roll for such enormous incompetence. The really sad thing is that they won't.

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  1. No, the heads that should roll won't. KS is the consummate bureaucrat that will go beyond this.

    Sad thing is the ACA law will have done so much damage by the time we get around to changing it we will have nothing to change it back to.

    From what I am hearing, we might not go back as the INS company's have helped draft the laws that let them expire all the plans. This is going to be a lot worse before it can even begin to get better.


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