Thursday, November 21, 2013

How America Became a Corporate-Fascist Clone of the Soviet Union

That dear readers is the title of the epic I will never write. Surely someone will because it's aching to be told.

One complex question: 
One complex question that I think leads to finding an answer to the question of my epic's title is this one.
How many people with portions of their pay invested in 401Ks and union pension plans realize how their savings have enabled the trustees of those plans to make a mockery of the promise of "publicly held" corporations?
Why is this question germane?
Certainly the trustees that manage that those plans are all carefully vetted corporate men and unionists (corporatists and Leftists? -- R & L Downers at any rate) respectively, who vote each other onto corporate boards of directors when each new proxy is sent out. 
They drink fine wine and eat caviar at annual shareholders' meetings as they battle amongst themselves: 
  • what is their most favorable course of corporate and governmental directions?
  • who in government are most certain to advance their goals?
  • who in government is most certain to obstruct their goals? 
  • who on K Street is the best choice to see their ultimatums get delivered?

How did America become a corporate-fascist clone of the Soviet Union?


  1. P.S.: I wrote this title BEFORE I had discovered that Harry Reid and the Dems had voted to abolish the filibuster. Obama gets to appoint Downers to the Fed courts with a simple majority of the Senate. Good bye voter protection laws in Red states. Hello to acceleration of the "turn every state blue" project.

  2. Central Planning. That and the seeding of all the Nazi's Scientists as instructors at the College level with out any coherent plan.

    The end result of WWII was the seeds of our disaster. Our greatest victory is rapidly becoming our greatest defeat. We won the battle, but then rested on our laurels.

    1. Like I said, the story is begging to be told. It will probably be told by some stooge for the coming superstate, subject to memory hole deposition and resurrection as deemed necessary. I truly wish I had the speed, skill, and most of all ambition, to write such a honestly informational collection of facts that are awaiting exposition.

  3. I believe Diana West with her book, American Betrayal, has 'delved' into how the white-anting of the values which made America great has come about. I haven't read her book, just snippets of what she writes, but it appears to me that she is partly correct about the Soviet infiltration of the United States, and I say partly correct, because she seems to miss the connection between Operation Paperclip and the Nazi influence that beguiled those Americans in positions of power who had sympathy for the constructs of National Socialism.

    Maybe she will include something about that in her follow up book which she is currently writing?

    What has happened to your nation over the past century, in fact to all our nations, needs to be broadcast into the pubic arena. They say that fact is stranger than fiction. Having made myself aware of the treachery that has gone on for such a long time, any book that includes the COMPLETE history of socialism and how it has undermined the nation state would indeed be a tome of epic proportions that would require one's previous 'education' to be left on the doorstep just to read it!

    1. I too have had the same exposure to Diana West's book.

      I had informed BB & D via email about the pattern used in attempt to marginalize her had precedence with Immanuel Velikovsky in 1950. I included Amazon links that included Velikovsky's and allies rebuttal to the AGW scientific equivalents of his day. I was told they forwarded that to Ms. West.

      I also warned them, and her through them, that she did not want to bring Velikovksy up. That would only invite another herd of nay-sayers to stand against her. What I wanted was that she should learn from his experience and conduct herself with more awareness -- that there is consensus which she's breached, and thus she should act neither surprised nor hurt. Just refuse to be bullied into a defensive posture. And judging by her care in what she has done since, it appears my warning may have been helpful. (I received no acknowledgment, and maybe she/they figured it out on their own, but there it is).

      By now you must know that for me there is no distinction at all between the Nazis and Communists. I deliberately implied that with the title of this post. Top down central planning and the resultant killings of all possible enemies is the common trait of each. As someone brought up culturally Jewish with loads of liberal influences, that should say quite a lot. For me, faith in God has nothing at all to do with organized religion because men so frequently mislead other men with their own dogmas.

      What comes through for me is the covenant at Genesis 22. All else, Judaism AND Christianity is supposed to base it moral certainty from there. We must stand against all earthly forces that deign to kill other humans in pursuit of the goals of the changing gods of each age. In the last 200+ years it has been Malthusian fearfulness that has some foothold in most of the Downer movements -- notably deadly socialist regime ideologies. And we see the likes of the 20th Century death cults revamping today, though maybe with more velvet gloves (for now). Hence the decisions to foster abortions; life-styles that cause death, sterility, or whatever else that brings about zero natalism; and the elimination of God and His moral codes.

      We ARE broadcasting every day we write Neme. We may have a small following, but it's not because we were afraid to speak out against the consensus and its brown shirts. We stand against the SSM and can only hope and pray that more begin praying. I call myself agnostic because I do not KNOW He is there, only that I suspect He is from all the evidence. And also He represents all that is true and optimistic. I love that I was gifted life and that I have this challenge before me no matter how frustrated the majority of the rest of the world leaves me. It helps me to know that I help others sort out their own misgivings, frustrations, and crises of faith.

      You are making a difference even if the like of BB & D never acknowledge it. They have their own concerns that only sometimes coincide with mine, and, I presume, only sometimes coincide with yours.


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