Thursday, April 11, 2013

RINO Connotes Thick-Skinned You Fools

The filibuster in favor of protecting the 2nd Amendment, and indeed all of the letters of the Bill of Rights, lost today with 68 votes

When will the rest of the dextrosphere get it? Looks like never.

The damned so-called RINOs glory in being called that name. Why? Because it reminds them that they need to be thick-skinned enough to ignore their conservative and libertarian base.

They are the worst kind of Statists -- ones that will lie to you about their intentions. At least you can't say that Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid or Bummer have been lying to YOU. You won't vote for them because their intentions are known. But the member of the GOP Senate that you voted for because he claimed to be a defender of the constitution, he outright lied to you.

Short of calling them traitors outright, Guy S's acronym SKUNC (Statist Knowingly Undermining our Nation's Constitution) is much more satisfying.

And were those RINOs to begin hearing the term SKUNC, at least they'd be reminded that we think they stink. They may not give a damn at this point, but it will be very hard for any of them to glory in being so labeled.

Think about it. At least cease using the label RINO.

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  1. Posted this at another site. But I think it has bearing here too, for what it is worth. And yeah, on a slow boil here, only because the full boil has been going on for some time now.

    Just a dumb question. If you privately sell your weapon to someone else (assuming it is not an agent of the state), and neither party publicly acknowledges it. (Also assuming said weapon(s) are kept “under wraps”.) Who's, gonna know?
    In short, this is going to stop the criminals how?? Already know this will stop the sheeple. Guess it is too late for the party of stupid to realize you can’t compromise with the other side. Let alone the fact the words “Shall not be infringed” mean exactly what they say they do.
    Personally, I think it is well past time to dance, IYKWIMAITTYD!

    Maybe I am just tired of all the bs, of seeing more and more of what was fought for in this and past generations, being tossed aside like so much useless fodder.


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