Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, Judd Gregg May Be a Wee Bit Smarter Than Charlie Brown

This serves as an update to my last post in which I posted the following cartoon.

According to news released shortly ago, Senator Judd Gregg withdrew his nomination for Secretary of Commerce.

An administration official said Gregg dropped out without warning for a position that he had expressed interest in just a few weeks ago.

Heh, heh. Maybe Obama's decision to let White House Chief of staff Rahm Emanuel to run the 2010 census in violation of our constitution had something to do with Senator Gregg's decision. It has been viewed as an unprecedented WH power grab. The WH plan to run the census instead of the commerce department did not come to light until after Senator Gregg's nomination had been announced and he had accepted. Perhaps my cartoonist should redraw this piece by inserting a caricature of President Obama where Governor Lynch is depicted now.

To further quote the above article:

The unexpected withdrawal marked the latest setback for Obama in his attempt to build a Cabinet.

Well, we can only hope that President, uh, Bama's clear sightedness is considerably better than the luck he is having sucking good people into his cabinet,

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