Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let's Declare This February 2 "Al Gore Day"

Yes, it is time to initiate a viral meme on the Internet to honor our illustrious fearmonger protector of Mother Gaia. Let February 2, 2009 be declared Groundhog Al Gore day.

If, in the dead of this record setting cold winter, Al Gore comes out from whatever hole he's been hiding, it means he thinks the winter is going to be short. Let us hope he is finally right as too many people are hurting from this cold already.


I thank Og the Neanderpundit for all the traffic he sent this way; but honestly that is not important. If I craved attention, I know how to get it well enough.

I am convinced that there is a limit to shamelessness. Hence, burdening the shameless with an avalanche of shame is the aim here. Hate him or love him, algore is the point man for the global warming hoax that will destroy whatever limits the statists still fear to violate.

Our public figures have become a largely shameless bunch.

  • Carol Browner will become our next climate Czar despite her violation of trust and court orders when she was Clinton's EPA chief.
  • Eric Holder will be made Attorney General despite his part in falsifying the records in order to kidnap Elian Gonzales for Fidel Castro, and his large part in granting pardons by Bill to that Rich Bastard and Puerto Rican terrorists.
  • And Hillary going to State even as her hubby continues to accept gifts from foreign nations is merely the pièce de résistance today; tomorrow will surely present us with worse.
I believe that should enough websites start clamoring for Al Gore to come out of his hole so that we might be reasured that this vile winter will end sooner, even the most cynical political SOBs will start to hesitate just a wee bit more.

This is something WE can do. I hope to have cartoons soon.

*** Update 2 *** See here for our first bit of artwork.


  1. Oh yes! I think every feckkin' politician should be drug out of their comfy hibernation and held up to face the light of truth at least once a year.

    And then beaten with broomsticks.

  2. Instead of waiting for him to come out, they should send the guys from Puxatawney, in top hats and tails (as they do in Penna.) to his abode, then bring him to the front door, hold him in the air, and shine lights on him at daybreak, instead of dragging a sleeping groundhog out at that hour in the middle of his hibernation. THAT would be the first pay per view I'd actually buy. Of course, no groundhogs or Senators would be harmed in the production, just very, very annoyed.

  3. That is the spirit I'm looking for MTS!

    What we'd love to see posted are reports and photos and videos of vigils around the world of folks looking for Al Gore to show up wherever. And when he does, the hoopla and roar must be recorded. It's just what Al has been craving since at least November 2000.

    The spectacle would be good for all concerned. :D


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