Sunday, October 05, 2008

Obey Obama?

This sure looks like an official poster.

It is located on a freeway entrance within half a mile of Los Angeles City Hall. I'm not sure what was to be gained by such an Orwellian suggestion.

I guess one could say our future rulers want to say "we gave you clear warnings."

I did a search on Google. Nearly every image that I could find under "Obama Obey" tended to show the official "Progress" poster, including the one at that Fairey guy's site. The few I could find that still had the Obey label on them in some way were all clearly unofficial. Not a single other one, after looking through seven pages, showed this one.

I'm now curious to see what may happen now that I've made this entry.

I discovered that Sheppard Fairey's studio is located only one street over and two streets up from my home. Seeing that he's long been a self-promoter who plastered walls in the neighborhood with his posters (I didn't then know who he was) it makes sense that this "obey" sign would be on a nearby freeway counter box.

I've since found out that "Obey" is a Fairey trademark.  It is not without irony that he would lend use of  that trademark to highlight his famous idealized portrait of Barack Obama (proven in court to have been an act of plagiarism). It certainly does suggest that an Obama presidency is Fascism in the making. This guy, a major Obama publicist, can openly boast to us later
"You can't say I didn't warn you."

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