Thursday, June 07, 2007

What's This Noise About Global Cooling?

"Science is at war with global warming. Science has always been at war with global warming. Global cooling is our friend." </straight-faced sarcasm>
[supporters whoop and woot in the background]


  1. A religious engineer... Why am I not surprised...

  2. Where oh where did you get your oddly out-of-context and incorrect insight (Doh!), Doppelganger?

    C'mon Doppey. You left me so little to work with here.

    Is it Homer Simpson you're "doppelganging" today?

  3. Yes, Pascal, he's a troll and a moron. Don't bother with him, he hasn't arrived at the point where he understands that science and God are not mutually exclusive. The intellectual equivalent of a four year old, striking out at anything he dislikes, which must therefore be wrong.


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