Friday, June 08, 2007

The Danger of Labels

Converging current events prompted me to toy with this idea. But no matter how I start it, it comes back to people feeling uneasy without them.


  1. We do otherwise we are all grey...
    I am a Dirtbikerrightwinglibertariangrumpyolffart. How's that for a label. :-)

  2. And your chosen label became inaccurate even as you created it. You found humor that belies your preferred grumpy state. =)

    Among the many worst shortcomings are experienced by those who label themselves. A label, even one created as a joke, may project a strong self-image. Such an image can easily prevent one from functioning in an area or in a way where, in fact, one could succeed easily. As a parent I have struggled to help remove such self-constructed obstacles from my kids. Good teachers do the same.

    This olffart is still learning ways to excise such self-inflictions from himself.

  3. Quite true Pascal.
    However I do think there can be a "positive" way of labeling oneself. I for one consider myself a sheepdog, not a sheep. :-)
    Also as you say, humour has a way of cracking negative views.

  4. I think the only 'being' who could safely adhere labels would be an Ent. :)


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