Monday, August 18, 2008


There is a wide variety of information available. It ranges from the purely factual to quite moving conscience raising opinions to the stress alleviating faiths.

The upshot is that I shouldn't be able to mislead anyone.

My followers earn their fate by how willing they are to follow me. The simplest of "libertarians" and the PC crowd have my blessings.
--Ms Ann Thrope in private correspondence.


  1. All those who would be fooled are marks already. The vast majority of the country is populated by people who, having been once husled as teenagers by carny barkers, are suspicious of all and trust only what they can feel in their hands and pockets. As is clearly evidenced by the twin elections of G.W.Bush despite the irresistable force of the mainstream media trying to steer the country in the opposite direction. America is not the place the east and left coast deem it to be.

  2. Their election of G W Bush as well the current Hobson's Choice in which they find themselves PROVES that the vast majority have no leaders who will attack me except in the broadest terms.

    One reason for the current pickle is a question that is constantly avoided if the questioners know what's good for them. "Did G W Bush do anything about voter fraud?" Yep. He blocked all reforms. Hehe.
    -- Ms Ann Thrope gloating privately


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